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Jacksonville Walks4Hearing on Nov. 15th!

Click here to join! The Hearing Loss Association of America’s (HLAA) Walk4Hearing

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New Year, New Health Insurance

The new year can mean lots of changes. Some people will change their diets and exercise

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Rechargeable Hearing aids

Changing the batteries in hearing aids can be easy for some, but present a very big

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FREE Telephones for the Hearing Impaired

Telephone use can be a very stressful situation for people with hearing loss. First,

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Purchasing hearing aids?? There are things you need to know!

The decision to purchase hearing aids is not a decision people come to lightly. It

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Sinusitis is the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It can be the result of many

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Sleep Apnea

Everyone knows the problems with lack of sleep. One is tired, cannot function or

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Hearing Loss

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month! It may not mean a lot to you right now,

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Does my child need a tonsillectomy?

The number of tonsillectomies performed in this country continue to decline. There

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Hearing loss, more then a nuisance?

Many people, including primary care physicians and Geriatricians, ignore hearing

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Solutions for Single Sided Deafness

Deafness in One Ear? Rejoin the Conversation with SoundBite™ Hearing System We

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